ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 Compliance

AI-Powered Web Accessibility.
Automatic. Simple. Affordable.

  • Starts at $490 annually with 7-day free trial - no credit card required
  • Takes up to 48 hours from initial installation to compliance
  • Accessibility statement and certification of performance

The only solution that ensures
web accessibility at any given time.

An accessible website starts losing its level of compliance as soon as it undergoes an update. After a single year, most of the site is unaccessible. This is because of the fact that many changes will not undergo those original accessibility adjustments, leading to gaps. It can be extremely time-consuming and expensive to manually ensure accessibility. That's where Enable Web Accessibility comes in! It utilizes artificial intelligence and machine -earning technologies that scan, analyze, and decipher your website every 48 hours, assuring you that your site is compliant and accessible at all times!

Accessibility Plugins / Extensions
$0 - $1,000
Accessibility Projects / Services
$5,000 - $30,000 including monthly
Enable's Accessibility Solution
$490 Annual Payment

Developed alongside individuals with disabilities

Contextual Understanding -
AI Technology

A machine-learning system that scans, understands, and performs.



Full Scan of the Website's Structure

Our AI scans the website’s structure and divides it into a "net" of elements, creating layers of useful information for every "block" in the composition.



Analysis & Deciphering of Site Elements

Our AI then analyzes each block, "playing" with elements, checking what happens when a specific one is clicked or hovered over.



Activating Accessibility via the Interface

Once done with phase 2, the system saves vital data and then deploys the Enable interface based on the scan and the following analysis.

Accessibility for Every Disability

Over 50 features that people with disabilities can use to tailor any website to their personal needs.

Web Accessibility for individuals who are blind

Optimizing websites by utilizing AI and image recognition technologies

Our system utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to make websites compatible with screen readers. It knows how to scan, analyze, and understand a website's structure, element roles, forms, and more, making them all compliant with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. Beyond that, Enable's AI assigns accurate alternative text descriptions to images (alt tags) by using OCR and IRIS technologies.


Web Accessibility for individuals with motor impairments

Optimizing dropdown menus, popups, navigational elements, and more

Some individuals, such as people with Parkinson's, use computers by utilizing a select few keys on a keyboard. Enable Web Accessibility automatically ensures that a website is fully navigational using the tab key. This includes dropdown menus, popups, and forms. Moreover, all navigational elements are given visible focuses and are clickable using the enter key.

Web Accessibility for individuals With Cognitive Disabilities

A built-in expression, slang, and phrase dictionary

Enable Web Accessibility offers a built-in dictionary that quickly provides a full description of abbreviations, slang phrases, and other expressions without transferring to an external website or rephrasing the content itself. This can be beneficial for individuals with cognitive disabilities, and it can also improve the entire web experience for elderly users. 


Web Accessibility for Individuals with Epilepsy

Stopping all animation with
the click of a button

Enable Web Accessibility allows people with epilepsy to immediately stop all types of animation including videos, GIFs, flashing banners, and much more with a single click. 

Web Accessibility for individuals with other visual impairments

Color adjustments, font customization, large cursors, and more!

Enable Web Accessibility allows individuals with visual impairments, such as color blindness and glaucoma, to adjust almost any visual aspect of the website to suit their needs. With Enable, they can increase or decrease font sizes, add or remove spacing between words, letters, or rows, change the font entirely, and even change colors and contrast.


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